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The tour lasts about 8 hours.


Please note that all of our private tours are customizable following your preferences.


Caserta is known as the “Versailles of Naples” thanks to the Royal Palace built here in the 18th Century by the Bourbon King, Charles III.

The enchanting palace overlooking the huge square is one of the most sumptuous buildings of its kind in Italy, it has over 1.200 rooms and is full of chandeliers, richly gilded frescoes, tapestries and history.

In 1945 the building housed the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Allied Forces in the Mediterranean. The extraordinary gardens are 3 km long and their crowning glory is the great cascade, a 75 metres high waterfall that can be clearly seen from the palace.

Moreover during the tour you will have the chance to go to Monte Cassino to visit the famous Abbey, which was founded in 529 by St.Benedict of Norcia, during the Second World War the Abbey was completely destroyed and has since been faithfully restored to it’s former glory, with even the original frescoes and mosaics pieced together again. During the all day you will have a private car with driver and, if you want, a private guide at your disposal to fully enjoy the beauty of those places.



▸Authorized English Speaking guide if requested

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