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Sorrento and Amalfi Coast Food and Wine Tour

Departure from Sorrento, port of Naples or hotel. Meeting with your local guide and driver.
Your first destination is Gragnano, a lovely little town of the Gulf of Naples, located right in the heart of the Monti Lattari between the Gulf of Amalfi and the Gulf of Sorrento.

The town is well known all over the world for the production of the Pasta, for the tasty salami and the fantastic Provolone del Monaco, typical product of our mounts. The great maccheroni are made with simple and genuine ingredients (water from the springs of Gragnano, hard wheat bran, passion, amore and fantasy).

There were and are three different kind of production: at home, where women compete in making the fusilli as fast as possible; in family run factories, where the tradition of the pasta pass from father to son always keeping in mind the quality of the product; later came the small industries, that allow all the Italians to have pasta daily.

Visit of a pasta factory of the area, where the secrets of ancient tradition are kept jealously. Here they use machines, respecting the time of the traditional way of making the pasta, in order to save all the nutritive and organoleptic characteristics of it.

Thanks to this tour, you will have the great chance to see all the process to make this product: first phase of soft drying process; press to pug and draw the pasta both long and short cuts; drying on loom.

Lunch in a restaurant where the pasta is the queen on the tables, on the walls and in the air: you will see many different cuts of pasta from the best factories of Gragnano; on the walls there are ancient pictures about the history of the pasta here in town; and the menu is something peculiar.

You will then reach a great farm winery.

It has got 25 fantastic ectare of vineyards located at the slopes of the Vesuvius. The volcanic soil is excellent for the grow of the vineyards as it is not hospitable to many of the dangerous  parasite of the grapes.

Here you have the chance to take a tour across the vineyards and they will explain you all the process of the production of the wine. Finally you will enjoy the taste of three different Lacrima Christy (white, red and rosé). 

This tour is an authentic taste of our land
The best way to welcome a new Amore into your heart.

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